TG-G-60  Parts Diagram



No. Part Number Price Cart
1380108 LIFT ARM BRACE$49.10Add To Cart
2310085 LIFT ARM LH$100.38Add To Cart
3310086 LIFT ARM RH$100.38Add To Cart
4505116 TILLER TAILGATE ROD-48$30.01Add To Cart
5505025 TILLER LIFT ARM CENTER$42.77Add To Cart
6505030 TILLER LIFT ARM SPACER KIT$16.36Add To Cart
7505012 TILLER TINE BOLT SET (12PCS)$40.88Add To Cart
8505084 TILLER TINE BOLT SET (84PCS)$215.55Add To Cart
9505050 TILLER SKID SHOE KIT LH$58.91Add To Cart
10505057 TILLER SKID SHOE KIT RH$58.91Add To Cart
11505143 TILLER CHAIN KIT$14.47Add To Cart
12184066 GEARBOX TILLER ASM. RTA-50 700$545.55Add To Cart
13184069 GEARBOX TILLER RTS-50$545.55Add To Cart
14500001 LIFT PINS - CAT 1$10.37Add To Cart
15402042 60" ROTOR ASSY - Not For Sale - -
17380050 CHAIN LUG TILLER (RT)Call -
18184070 OUTBOARD HUB ASSEMBLY$141.73Add To Cart
19147122 22IN PTO W SLIP CLUTCH$243.97Add To Cart
20505022 XB TILLER SUPPORT STAND PKG.$31.01Add To Cart
21505002 TILLER TINE SET 2PC$28.60Add To Cart
22505006 TILLER TINE SET 6PC$57.22Add To Cart
23505042 TILLER TINE SET 60IN$277.71Add To Cart